This site is about Timms Creative Communications, our approach to brand building and how we can best achieve your marketing objectives.

Whether you are a new business or an established multi-national, the benefits of brilliant ideas can be huge. If a brand has a value greater than the sum of its parts, at Timms we specialise in creating that added value.

You are different from your competitors. You are unique or special in a number of respects. At Timms we will first isolate your most salient benefits and establish your most effective selling propositions.

Timms Creative has until recently been a leading, award winning, international advertising and design agency based in Bath. It is now a ‘virtual’ brand building consultancy run by Alex and his wife Kate working from their home in Avoncliff just outside of Bath.

For further advice, or a second opinion on your project, please email Alex via
"It isn't creative unless it sells."          "Product + Personality = Brand."          "How many Art Directors does it take to change a light bulb?.......Does it have to be a light bulb?"          "In every business there is a most salient truth: interrogate until it confesses."          "A picture says a thousand words."          "Creativity in marketing is the only legal means of gaining an unfair advantage on the competition."          "Great advertising costs the same as bad advertising but after time it becomes priceless."